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This to do list summarises what we need to do next for the Grimoires registry and what has been done.

To Do 17 aug 2004

Current system deployment is described in ConfigurationAugust17?.

  • for each data type in, define a subclass in which implements the interfaces SerializableDataModel, SupportsRDQLQuery, HasStoreFactoryMethod
    • example has been done for BusinessService
      • note that the edited directory contains not only datamodel classes but messages. We only need to do this for datamodel classes because we do not serialise messages into the triple store.
    • code should be taken from the corresponding classes in views, but needs to be adapted to the new datamodel
      • naming conventions slightly different
      • primitive types such as keys are represented as classes instead of strings directly
      • collections in the XML schema become arrays instead of vectors.
    • in BusinessService, calls to CategoryBag (and others) serialisation was commented out.
    • in BusinessService, calls to notification handler was commented out since I don't know yet how to make this package "independent". Should the new Configuration interface provide notification related methods?

  • for each newly defined datatype in, one needs to modify the config/deploy.wsdd file so that it refers to the new class instead of the one in edited package.
    • Attention the class appears twice in the deploy.wsdd file: once for publish and once for inquiry.

  • Complete the implementation of for all the other messages supported by the handler.
    • When all methods have been implemented, instead of extending the NotImplementedPublishHandlerClass it should now simply implement PublishHandler.

  • Testing can be done with the ant tester target. In the future this will be made proper unit testing. Currently, we test the service by sending it XML messages that follow the uddi syntax. A first example appears in testmsg/save_service.xml.

  • not sure this can be done on that day. Specify the inquiry handlers and interfaces. Hopefully this should be done rather quickly since data models will all have been implemented.

TODO (no specific order implied by this list)

  • Revise the deploy target so that a proper war file is built according to the mygrid procedure.

  • Continue the porting of the other interfaces. This requires to:
    • Define a wsdl file unfortunately by hand because the one generated from the java classes is unreadable. However, it may be a starting point.
    • In the edited directory, one needs to update messages so that they support the visitor pattern

  • Systematic unit testing from java client and xml submission.

  • Deploy in globus

  • Define a client side library

  • Benchmarking

  • Higher level query interface


-- LucMoreau - 16 Aug 2004

-- LucMoreau - 04 Nov 2004
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