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Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Guide explains how to deploy Grimoires and use GShell, which is a command line client tool, to publish and inquire a business. We assume you have already installed OMII container, proper JDK and ANT stated in the Grimoires release notes and OMII documentation. Following this guide does not require UDDI specific knowledge.


Download Grimoires source release. Unzip it. there are a build.xml and an under the root directory.


Set up the following properties in it is assume your omii tomcat is installed at, and there is a manager account whose username is "tomcat" and password is "tomcat". GRIMOIRES will be deployed at

container = omii =
tomcat.port = 18080

# Grimoires install path
omii.context.path = grimoires

# username/password for a manager role
omii.tomcat.username = tomcat
omii.tomcat.password = tomcat


Run "ant deploy" to deploy Grimoires.

Test installation

Run "ant test-install" to test whether Grimoires is successfully deployed. If Grimoires is successfully installed, you will see something like:

<p>Hi there, this is an AXIS service!</p>
<i>Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...</i>

Start to use Grimoires

Go to the "GShell" subdirectory under the Grimoires release.

Type "ant" to compile.

Type "run" (on Windows) or "./" (on Linux/Unix) to run GShell, which is a command line client tool.

You can publish/inquire a business as follows:

Publish a business

Publish a business called "Univ. of Southampton". A business is the UDDI's terminology for an organization. You will get a business key. On the screen, you will see:

>run PublishBusiness
==== Publish a business ====
Input the business name:
Univ. of Southampton
Input the business description:
Business key[$1]: ca5bdb5b-cf1c-4054-8626-65862727b9ff

Inquire a business

Inquire a business by name. On the screen, you will see:

>run InquireBusiness
==== Inquire a business ====
Input the business name:
Univ. of Southampton
Business key[$2]: ca5bdb5b-cf1c-4054-8626-65862727b9ff

Where to go from here

  • Read more Grimoires documentation.
  • You can use UDDI browser to publish web services to and inquire web services from the deployed Grimories.

-- WeijianFang - 08 Jun 2005
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Copyright 2004 by the University of Southampton