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Grimoires Release v1.0.2 Documentation

Grimoires is a UDDIv2 compliant Grid registry with metadata annotation support. It addresses the issues of efficiency, robustness, and security. Its current version is 1.0.2.

  • Summary

    • Release Notes
      Gives a short overview of this Grimoires release: the summary of supported functionalities, deployment environments, prerequisite software, etc.

  • Installation & Use

    • Installation and Quick Start
      • Installation Manual
        Provides a detailed guide on how to deploy Grimoires binaries (war file for Tomcat and OMII container, gar file for GT4 container) to the target container, how to compile and make Grimoires binaries from source code, and how to configure Grimoires.
    • Client Tools Documentation
      • GShell Manual
        GShell is a command line client tool for Grimoires. It provides a shell and simple interactive commands to publish/inquire business/service/wsdl/metadata. These commands can also be called in a batch mode outside the shell.
      • UDDI Browser
        UDDI Browser is a UDDI client GUI that can be used to interact with Grimoires' UDDIv2 interface.
    • Programmers Documentation
      • User Manual
        Describes how to use Grimoires web services based on SOAP messages and WSDL descriptions. This is useful when you want to use the Grimoires client API to talk with the Grimiores server.
      • UDDI4J
        UDDI4J is an open source UDDI client API that can be used to interact with Grimoires' UDDIv2 interface. UDDI4J's library and documentation are released with Grimoires. UDDI Browser relies on UDDI4J.

  • Architecture

    • Functional Specification
      Grimoires is implemented as a web service. The functional specification describes what Grimoires does from the viewpoint of web service interface.
    • Implementation Design
      Presents the design of Grimoires.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    • Test Report
      Lists the current test reports for Grimoires' functionality and performance.

-- WeijianFang - 26 Jul 2005
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