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Hackathon Week at University of Manchester 1/8 - 5/8

Integreation of Grimoires and Feta

Actions taken

  • Publishing Feta descriptions: fixed a bug in WSDL building.
  • Inquiring Feta descriptions: in Feta, mapped feta canned queries to grimoires API calls
  • In Grimoires WSDL interface, added findInterfaceByOperation and findOperationByMessagePart operatoins.
  • In Grimoires Metadata interface, changed the storage of URI metadata to Resource. This allows reasoning on URI metadata.
  • A new triple store is created in Grimoires, which enables inference. It supports the reasoning required by Feta query.


  • Grimoires is used as backend for feta, thus intergrating to taverna work bench.

To do

  • Performace comparison between feta with grimoires and original backend

-- SylviaWong - 05 Aug 2005
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