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Grimoires Meeting 24 Jan 2005

Current progress so far

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Action for next meeting

%ACTION{ closed="31-Jan-2005" due="31-Jan-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000004" state="closed" created="24-Jan-2005" who="Main.SylviaWong" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A29: (WorkPlan T1.4 Testing and improving) Revise metadata interface in Grimoires.

Outcome: Sylvia has successfully generated metadata data models. She has implemented some metadata operations. EOF %ACTION{ closed="31-Jan-2005" due="31-Jan-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000187" state="closed" created="24-Jan-2005" who="Main.VictorTan" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A30: (WorkPlan T4.2 Designing Grid based access control) 1. Design access control protocol. 2. Look into the deserialization problem.

Outcome: Done. EOF %ACTION{ closed="31-Jan-2005" due="31-Jan-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000188" state="closed" created="24-Jan-2005" who="Main.WeijianFang" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A31: (WorkPlan T1.4 Testing and improving) 1. Add wsdl interface to Grimoires. 2. Ask Steven for the instructions on how to deploy Grimoires in OMII. 3. Look into JAXB for the wsdl2java standard. 4. Test current Grimories in Axis 1.1. 5. Look into Grimoires performance on 1G memory.

Outcome: 1,2 done. 3. Currently Grimoires follows JAXB 1.0/2.0 standard. 4. Current Grimoires can not compile under Axis 1.1, because it uses wsdl2java in Axis 1.2 to generate datamodel, stub, and skeleton. 5. Collect some new data on 1G memory. EOF

Discussed issues

  • Sylvia has generated Java code for metadata interface by using wsdl2java customized factory.
  • Victor will look into role-based access control mechanism for Grimoires. As a first step, he will implemented an access control mechanism for the whole registry.
  • Axis 1.1's wsdl2java has generated different data models from those by Axis 1.2's wsdl2java. UDDI's businessKey is generated as a BusinessKey? class in Axis 1.1 but as a Java String in Axis 1.2. Axis 1.2's behavior comforms to the JAXB standard.
  • Grimoires' business logic should comform to the JAXB standard. But we still hope the business logic can be independent with different data models generated by various containers, such as OMII, GT4, Axis 1.2, Axis 1.1.
  • It is useful to maintain a compatibility list for Grimoires, which contains all the version of JDK, Tomcat, Jena, Axis, and other containers that Grimoires successfully works within.

-- WeijianFang - 24 Jan 2005
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