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Grimoires Meeting 20 Feb 2006

Current progress so far

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Action for next meeting

%ACTION{ closed="27-Feb-2006" due="27-Feb-2006" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000289" state="closed" created="20-Feb-2006" who="Main.WeijianFang" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A134: Working on WSRFing Grimoires.

Outcome: Implemented a WSRF query operation that captures XPath query, translates some recognized pattern to UDDI query and runs it over the triple store. Measured the performance of this operation. Its performance is much closer to the UDDI query performance compared with the default WSRF XPath query performance. EOF

Discussed issues

  • Investigate implementing a query operation provider for GT4 WSRF that can intercept an XPath query, translate it to RDF query, and run over the triple store. This is for the performance evaluation for the WSRFized Grimoires. Then we can separate the performance issue of WSRF and that of XPath query in WSRF.

  • IBM demo:
    • GShell: use different colors/fonts for request/response.
    • Use GT4 WSRF standard tools to interact with the Grimoires WSRF interface.

  • WSRFized Grimoires TODO
    • Finishing implementation
    • Automatic testing, like junit tests.
    • Documentation follows OMII style.
      • Introduction/Overview
      • Installation guide
      • User guide
      • Implementation design

-- WeijianFang - 20 Feb 2006
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