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Grimoires Meeting Nov 08


  • Administrative matters (omii, reporting, grimoires, applications, rleation with myGrid, Manchester, minutes taking, twiki, documentation, user's guide)
  • Review Progress Actions
  • Planning for next week



  • We intend to start work earlier on developing applications in relation to the projected project time line.
  • Need to document system software properly, and this is to be incorporated into the Twiki. This will include a user's/installer's guide
  • 18th Nov - meeting with Steven Newhouse with regards to OMII cooperation, personnel to be involved on our side will likely to be Juri Papay.
  • Need to explore further possible interaction of Grimoires with other OMII related projects such as FINS and FIRMS, OGSA-DAI and BPEL-Workflow
  • Grimoires to be deployed in 3 main environments: OMII, GT4 (WSRF), standard Tomcat/Axis. It is intended that the testing process reveal the differences of the tests conducted on Grimoires deployed in these 3 different enviroments.

%ACTION{ closed="15-Nov-2004" due="15-Nov-2004" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000004" state="closed" created="5-Nov-2004" who="Main.SylviaWong" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A3: Sylvia to work on making JUnit tests more readable, and also to develop a user guide for developing clients to use the Grimoires service.

Outcome: name of test links to JavaDoc?, start of user guide on Grimoires twiki EOF %ACTION{ closed="15-Nov-2004" due="15-Nov-2004" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000038" state="closed" created="5-Nov-2004" who="Main.VictorTan" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A4: Victor to continue working with OMII distribution, with help from OMII. To work on deploying Grimoires as a WAR, and testing a client using the messaging framework against the Grimoires service.

Outcome: Grimoires can be deployed as a WAR in the OMII distribution, however there are problems with testing a client against Grimoires that is deployed using the transport and messaging framework. EOF %ACTION{ closed="15-Nov-2004" due="15-Nov-2004" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000036" state="closed" created="5-Nov-2004" who="Main.LucMoreau" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A5: Luc will look for links with Feta, contact Carol to set up meeting.

Outcome: Luc has sent messages to Carol and Steven Newhouse, waiting for response from them. EOF %ACTION{ closed="15-Nov-2004" due="15-Nov-2004" creator="Main.WeijianFang" uid="000037" state="closed" created="5-Nov-2004" who="Main.WeijianFang" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A6: Weijian will set up GT4 (WSRF) and examine how to deploy Grimoires into the WSRF environment.

Outcome: This has been setup, but attempts to deploy Grimoires in it is problematic because of class dependencies between Axis1.1 and the latest version of Axis (which GT4 uses as their container). EOF

-- VictorTan? - 11 Nov 2004
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