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Grimoires Meeting 7 Feb 2005

Current progress so far

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Action for next meeting

%ACTION{ closed="14-Feb-2005" due="14-Feb-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000004" state="closed" created="7-Feb-2005" who="Main.SylviaWong" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A35: (WorkPlan T1.4 Testing and improving. Progress: 50% finished.) Continue to revise metadata interface in Grimoires.

Outcome: Implemented the business logic of deleteMetadata. Added new operation get_metadataDetail in both WSDL/XSD and business logic. Implemented junit tests for both functions. Updated the nightly testing script to automatically test and report metadata interface. EOF %ACTION{ closed="14-Feb-2005" due="14-Feb-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000187" state="closed" created="7-Feb-2005" who="Main.VictorTan" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A36: (WorkPlan T4.2 Designing Grid based access control. Progress: 30% finished.) Fix the deserialization problem in Grimoires test.

Outcome: finished debugging the OMII serialization for the Grimoires test cases. EOF %ACTION{ closed="14-Feb-2005" due="14-Feb-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000188" state="closed" created="7-Feb-2005" who="Main.WeijianFang" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A37: (WorkPlan T1.4 Testing and improving. Progress: 50% finished.) Prepare a document describing wsdl interface in twiki. Run HPDC performance test which will use Grimoires as registry.

Outcome: finished the wsdl document (WSDLInterfaceGuide) and the performance test. EOF %ACTION{ closed="14-Feb-2005" due="14-Feb-2005" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000210" state="closed" created="7-Feb-2005" who="Main.PhillipLord" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A38: (WorkPlan T2.2 Integrating with myGrid. Progress: 30% finished.) Phillip will prepare feta test cases and write some test document.

Outcome: finished the test requirement document. EOF

Discussed issues

  • Phillip has prepared a document describing all functions used in feta tests.
  • The opening of computer accounts for Pinar and Phillip at the university of Southampton is in process.
  • Phillip suggests in the future setting up some notification mechanism to indicate that wsdl files are updated. It may be as simple as sending email.
  • IBM JVM is suggested to use in benchmarking Grimoires' performance.
  • Victor has prepared a document on how to write serialization and deserialization code for OMII container, and put them in myGrid twiki.
  • Sylvia pointed out Axis1.2beta3's wsdl2java does not implemented "substitution" schema construct correctly. It is an open bug. This bug may be fixed in Axis1.2RC2. But our current wsdl2java customized factory code does not work under Axis1.2beta3.
  • Luc will not attend Grimoires meeting next week. The meeting will be held as usual. Phillip's phone number is 0161 275 0683.
  • Upgrade to Jena2.2beta in the future to see whether the performance of Grimoires could be improved.

-- WeijianFang - 07 Feb 2005
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