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Grimoires Meeting 06 Feb 2006

Current progress so far

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Action for next meeting

%ACTION{ closed="13-Feb-2006" due="13-Feb-2006" creator="Main.LucMoreau" uid="000289" state="closed" created="6-Feb-2006" who="Main.WeijianFang" closer="" notify="" }% <<EOF A132: Working on WSRFing Grimoires.

Outcome: The BusinessService? part is done. The new features of Grimoires' WSRF interface includes:

1. Saving/updating/deleting service through the UDDI interface are reflected in the resource properties.

2. Creating/updating resource properties representing BusinessService? are saved to the triple store.

3. Based on the UDDI data model, BusinessService? is contained in BusinessEntity?. Therefore, Saving/updating/deleting service will touch two WS-Resources, one for the service, one for the business that the service belongs to. For instance, updating a service will also make the content of its belonging business up to date. EOF

Discussed issues

  • The Dynasoar project in University of Newcastle upon Tyne is using Grimiores as the service registry. Dynasoar provides an architecture for dynamically deploying web services remotely on a grid or the Internet. In today's meeting, we have discussed with Paul and Arijit on the application of Grimoires in Dynasoar. They met some problem when using the UDDI browser to interact with Grimoires. A detailed procedure in which they did is sent to us for us to investigate what the problem actually is.

-- WeijianFang - 06 Feb 2006
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