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  • Who is working on Grimoires for Manchester
  • Weekly meetings and reporting as requested by omii
  • Integration with Feta
  • Support Glue Schema
  • Which triple store


  • What is the schema of feta document
  • What are the queries issued by feta
  • what reasoning is being used?


  • Luc to set up guest accounts for Phil and Pinar
  • Simon to setup grimoires mailing list
  • Southampton to start working on RDFS subsumption reasoning and ontology registration after mide february
  • Intent is that Manchester will provide test client for feta functionality (in second half of Febuary)
  • Phil to prepare feta descriptions of services
  • Phil to find out if examples of Glue described services are available from Manchester.
  • Weijian to share glue information with Phil.

-- LucMoreau - 01 Feb 2005
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