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Quick-start Installation Guide


This little installation guide is written to help users install and run Grimoires.

To successfully use Grimoires you need some additional software:

  • Apache Jakarta Tomcat 5.0.x
  • Axis 1.2.
  • Apache Ant 1.6.2
  • Sun J2SE 1.4.2.x and 1.5.x

To run the JUnit test suite, you'll need:

  • JUnit 3.8
  • UDDI4j 2.0.2


  • Unpack the package (eg using WinZip?)
  • Edit the file. Here you enter configuration information specific to your Tomcat installation.
    • ext-base: where the jar files of Tomcat are located, eg /usr/local/tomcat5/server/lib
    • tomcat.username, tomcat.password: The username and password of a manager of Tomcat. This is set up via /path/to/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml, with a line like the following:
              <user username="tomcat" password="passwd" roles="standard,manager"/>
      In this example, tomcat.username=tomcat and tomcat.password=passwd
    • tomcat.url: The URL Tomcat is listening on. Default is http://localhost:8080
    • context.path: URL Grimoires will be listening on. Default is grimoires. (Grimoires will listen at http://localhost:8080/grimoires, with the UDDIv2 inquiry interface at http://localhost:8080/grimoires/services/inquiry and publish interface at http://localhost:8080/grimoires/services/publish).
  • Compiling from source. Binary for Grimoires is included with the distribution. Therefore, there is no need to compile from source and you can safely skip this step. However, if you prefer compiling your own binary, issue
         ant war
    on the command line.
  • Deploy into war file into Tomcat by typing
         ant deploy
    on the command line. This should deploy Grimoires within the Tomcat container. If you open your Tomcat manager page (http://localhost:8080/manager/html), you should see /grimoires listed under the list of applications.

Testing your installation

Two sets of tests are included with the Grimoires distribution.
  1. Challenge-response tests. This is invoked with
       ant msg-tester
    The test sends a series of UDDI messages to Grimoires. It also prints the XML messages sent to and recieved from Grimoires on the standard output (usually the console). You will need some basic knowledge of UDDI message format to interpret the result.
  2. JUnit tests. This test suite contains 80 test cases. You will need junit and uddi4j installed to run this test suite.
       ant tester
    • To pass testFeta, org.apache.* must be in the file in your JUnit installation. See the JUnit FAQ for more details. Note that Grimoires still functions properly without passing the testFeta test.
    • If you do not install Grimoires at http://localhost:8080/grimoires, edit in src/uk/ac/soton/ecs/wstests inside the Grimoires distribution.

-- SylviaWong - 19 Jan 2005 Initial version
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Copyright 2004 by the University of Southampton