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HOWTO - GrimoiresProxy


According to Grimoires users' feedback, it is not easy to program against Grimoires. Hence, a new client-side Class GrimoiresProxy is implemented, which addressses Grimoires' programmatic usabiity in the following ways:

  • Hide from users the existence of multiple porttypes/interfaces in Grimoires. Users now have a "proxy" representing the Grimoires server. The proxy has methods belonging to different interfaces, such as UDDI, metadadata, and WSDL.

  • GrimoiresProxy can be used to do both web service call and business logic call.

  • Hide from users the data model detail in many circumstances. For instance,
public final String attachMetadataToOperation(String metadataType, String metadataValue, 
                                                   String portTypeNamespace, String portTypeName, string operationName)
attached a piece of metadata to a WSDL operation. Users do not need to understand the data model detail of metadata and WSDL operation. They do not need to know how to create them, either.

  • Provide users compound functionalities in many circumstances. For instance,
public final String saveService(String businessKey, String name, String description, String accessPoint, String wsdlURL)
saves a service belonging to the business with the specified business key. The services has the specified name and description. It is installed at the specified access point. And its interface is described by a WSDL, which itself is published as a tModel.

  • Expected to provide a good code quality.


Code Example

GrimoiresProxy grimoiresProxy = null;

// Create a proxy for Grimoires at the default location.
grimoiresProxy = GrimoiresProxy.createGrimoiresWebServiceProxy(null);

// Or, create a business logic proxy.
// grimoiresProxy = GrimoiresProxy.createGrimoiresBusinessLogicProxy();

// save business
String businessKey = grimoiresProxy.saveBusiness(businessName, businessDescription);
// save service
String serviceKey = grimoiresProxy.saveService(
            businessKey, serviceName, serviceDescription, accessPoint, wsdlURL);

-- WeijianFang - 17 Jul 2006
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