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Grimoires Release v1.0.1


Release for OMII 1.2.0

Binary Release

  • Grimoires Binary for OMII Container 1.2.0 without support for signed SOAP messages: war file
  • Grimoires Binary for OMII Container 1.2.0 with support for signed SOAP messages: war file

Test Client
  • Grimoires junit test suite
    • Currently, there are 2 failures and 5 errors among 113 test cases. Please refer to the junit test report.
    • This test suite can test Grimoires deployed in standard Axis, GT4, and OMII without security support. By security support, we mean the signing and verification of SOAP messages using X509 certificates.
    • To interact with a Grimoires deployment with security support, a Grimoires client must be structured in a specific way. Refer to the installation manual in the tests section for more details. Use the following client to interact with a Grimoires deployed in a secure OMII container.
  • OMII secure client
    • This client works in OMII 1.2.0 environment, and is for Grimoires with support for signed SOAP messages only. It is a junit test, demonstrating how to use client side stubs to interact with the service.
  • You can also use UDDI browser to test Grimoires

Source Code Release

Releases for other containers

Tomcat 5.0 Release

  • Grimoires Binary for Tomcat 5.0.x: war file

GT4 Release

  • Grimoires Binary for Globus Toolkit 4: gar file

-- WeijianFang - 05 Apr 2005

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