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Grimoires FAQ

General questions

What is service registry?

In service-oriented architecture, there may be a number of deployed services. In order to invoke a particular service, we first need to discover it, which is called service discovery. Service discovery is a critical task underpinning service invocation, service orchestration, and service monitoring. A service registry is intended to be the central contact point where service providers can publish service descriptions (service publication), and service consumers can discover services they want.

What are the available technologies for service registry?

The UDDI service registry is the standard for Web service discovery. Service descriptions in UDDI are composed from a limited set of high-level data constructs: Business Entity is the data model for service providers, Business Service for services themselves, Binding Template for the concrete bindings of the services, and Technical Model (tModel) for some shared knowledge such as a category system or the technical interfaces of services.

The ebXML registry is designed to be a generic information management system. It defines both a registry information model and a set of APIs. The ebXML registry provides a Web service profile that specifies the conventions to make the ebXML registry act as a Web service registry.

The Globus Toolkit provides the Monitoring and Discovery System (MDS), to monitor and discover resources and services on Grids.

What shortcomings does UDDI have?

What is Grimoires?

How does Grimoires address UDDI's shortcomings?

Does Grimoires support WSRF?

Does Grimoires support XPath?

Does Grimoires support lifetime management?

What is Grimoires' security model?

How is Grimoires' performance?

-- WeijianFang - 27 Jun 2007
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