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Grimoires Eclipse Plug-in

RCP Release


  • Eclipse with WTP. WTP's XML editor and WSDL editor are used by Grimoires plug-in.

  • Grimoires 1.5+. Some functionalities of the plug-in require Grimoires 1.5+ sit at the server side.

Contributions to Eclipse

  • A Grimoires browser view: browse Grimoires registry content including UDDI/Metadata/WSDL data models.

  • A GrimoiresScript interpreter view: interpret GrimoiresScript. GrimoiresScript is a simple language able to access Grimoires.

  • A Grimoires preference page.

  • A Grimoires perspective.

  • A GrimoiresScript menu: help generate GrimoiresScript.

Download and Installation

  • Copy the downloaded jar file into Your_Eclipse_Dir/plugins. Then start Eclipse.

-- WeijianFang - 20 Jun 2007
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