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Grimoires Browser Client User Guide


The browser client allows you to view the contents of a grimoires registry using your web browser software. Below is a screenshot of this client.


The client is split into two panels. The right panel display a tree menu for navigation. The left panel shows detailed information, and is dependent on what the user selected on the tree menu.

The client has the following functionalities:

  • Browse published entries in the registry using predefined hierarchies (views)
  • Get a list of all published services
  • View details of selected entries
  • Get entries related to a selected entry
  • Currently supports viewing of UDDI business entities, UDDI services, WSDL operations and WSDL message parts

Browse by views

The web browser client allows users to browse entries in the registry using pre-defined hierarchies. These hierarchies are configured by the browser client administrator. (See BrowserClientAdministratorGuide for more information).

By default, the client is setup with two view hierarchies: Operation Task and Operation Resource. In the Operation Task hierarchy, you are browsing entries in the registry with a piece of metadata of type, and a list of predefined values. This is shown in the following picture:


Clicking on any of the categories will bring up a list of entries that has the specified piece of metadata. For example,


In the above diagram, we obtained a list of entries that performs the operation task merging. There is only one operation SHoundChromosomeFromGenome that fulfils the criteria.

Find all services

Click on the link Browse all services to get a list of all published services.


Get information about entries

To view information about an entity displayed in the navigation tree, simply click on the entry. The following screenshot shows information about a UDDI service.


This one shows information about an operation.


Get related entities

From the information panel, you can query for entries related to the current one. The list displayed depends on type of the current entry:

  • Business - a list of services it owns
  • Service - the business it belongs to, and a list of operations it owns
  • Operation - the service it belongs to, and a list of message parts it contains

To obtain a related entry, select the appropriate radio button, and click submit. The result of this query is listed under Search Result, as shown here


Change registry locations

By default, the browser client queries the grimoires registry on the same machine as it is installed. (We are referring to the server the browser client is located, not your desktop machine). You can change the location of this using the Change registry location link.


-- SylviaWong - 25 Aug 2005
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