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Testing the browser client

This documents describes a labour intensive way of testing if your installation of browser client is working.

  1. Use the feta client to populate the registry with descriptions. The feta client is in the grimoires CVS. There's a README file in the directory that explains how to use the feta client. The feta client has 79 descriptions predefined.
  2. Now open your browser client using your favourite web browser (eg firefox or safari).
  3. Left click on "Browse all services". Count the number of services listed. There should be 80. (One of the descriptions has two services).
  4. Now select service: SHoundGetFasta? from the list. The service description should match the following screenshot (excluding service and business keys).
  5. Select the "UDDI Business Entity" radio button and click submit. You should get something like this:
  6. Select business: Blueprint to get the business details.
  7. Now we'd like to check the service's operations and operation parameters. Select service: SHoundGetFasta? to get its service details. Choose the "Operations" radio button and click submit. You now have a list of its operations. (There is only one, operation: SHoundGetFasta?).
  8. Select operation: SHoundGetFasta? to retrieve the operation's detail.
  9. Now choose the "Message parts" radio button and click submit. You now have a list of the operation's message parts.
  10. The following pictures show the details of both message parts.
  11. Now, we'll test the heirarchy browsing capabilities. The browser client is pre-configured to browse by operation task and operation resource. We'll test the browse by operation resource. Click on the links in the heirarchy. You should get a tree view that looks like this:

-- SylviaWong - 19 Sep 2005
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